Tottenham, Ontario
Nov 16, 2016

The Tottenham Steam got back to their winning ways with a stellar 6-2 victory over the Northumberland Stars. The Steam, lead by Russians Slava Chegrintsev and Dmitri Russu, now have 9 points on the 2016-2017 season and are climbing the GMHL standings.

It was a hard fought battle for the Steam, who are finally showing signs of improving their on-ice preformance.

Goaltender Jesse Martel had the victory in goal.

The Steam franchise was off to a rocky start but now have turned things around. Winning on the ice, and seeing increased fan support, Tottenham is once again turning into a GMHL powerhouse.

Next up is a home game, once again facing the Northumberland. The game is Saturday, November 26th at Tottenham Arena with a 7:30pm puck drop.